Son video calls mom for 7 years: sees an abandoned house when he finally visits her…

“Chris, there’s nothing to worry about. I’m making all the payments I can. Before leaving her hometown to attend college, Olivia told her son, “Whatever you need, call me. Finally, she had landed a lucrative position.

However, she had struggled to make ends meet for the majority of her life before that. She raised her son by herself and attended classes in the evenings, so her abilities were always secondhand.

Olivia never went without food or a place to live, but she was constantly sorry she couldn’t give him what his friends had.

She was willing to offer him anything he asked for once she finally received a respectable paycheck.

Chris gave his mother a final embrace and said, “Thanks, Mom.”

Years later, Chris’ life was altered by love.

“Mrs. Torres, please pay me a visit! My belly is now really large! Chris’s fiancee Rosalia spoke to him via the computer screen.

Chris and she were both about to graduate when he first met her during his junior year. But when Rosalia learned she was expecting, they got engaged.

Rosalia could not travel much due to her health, and Olivia had not yet had the opportunity to see her in person.

Olivia, who was working so hard, was unable to visit as well. Despite earning a good living, she gradually increased her work hours as she supported herself and Chris’s bills by paying for Chris’s tuition, housing, and other costs. She did, however, try to live as cheaply as possible.

Rosalia, soon! We should talk soon, I hope. When I have some spare time,” Olivia said, nodding, and Chris eventually showed up on the screen. Rosalia exited the room when he informed her that he needed to speak with her mother.

Chris started by rubbing the back of his neck, “Mom, I wanted to ask you something.” “I was wondering if you could help me with a house because Rosalia and I will be graduating soon and expecting a baby.

Because they are so pricey in the city, we have already looked at one on the outskirts of the town. It makes me miss home.

After giving her kid a brief glance, Olivia gave serious thought. She muttered, “Well, I…I don’t know,” as she considered her efforts and savings. She was finally preparing for retirement.

Chris begged, “Please,” and explained about how much the house would cost and how much money they would need for a down payment. Additionally, he said Rosalia was helpless because she had no family to turn to.

“It’s alright, Chris, it’s alright. I believe we can come to a solution,” Olivia finally remarked. She would have to spend all of her savings and possibly downsize her lifestyle. However, it was doable.

“I’m grateful. I’m grateful, Mom! Without you, I don’t know what I would do. Chris, who was nearly in tears over the video conversation, added, “It was worth it,” and Olivia grinned.

The years went by, and the holidays were drawing near.

As she often did throughout the years, Olivia said in front of her computer, “I wish you could come this Christmas.”

Her kid had moved away from home seven years prior and had never visited Santa Fe. They only engaged in video conversation. She desired a personal encounter with her grandchild. But his wife and son were occupied.

Olivia was working harder than ever because she continued to frequently assist her son and had spent all of her savings when he wanted to establish a business.

She never asked him for anything in return, but because she couldn’t, she wanted they could at least come see her.

“Mom, we can’t. Chris shook his head and added, “Not this year. Nevertheless, I appreciate the presents Malena already received. She cherished them. You’re a wonderful grandmother.

Olivia looked at her granddaughter yearning to hold her in her arms and softly said, “Put her on the screen.

Olivia had no idea that Chris would finally be coming to see her. Though he was relieved to finally meet his mother, he was unable to get tickets for Malena and Rosalia to travel with him.

Chris scowled when his cab arrived in front of his house. The lights were totally out and it was nine o’clock. Chris got out and motioned for his driver to wait a second.

The furniture on the porch was gone. His mother’s favorite plants were also absent. Even the welcome mat was missing, and the yard was overrun with weeds.

He rang the doorbell. No response. He was in awe as he peered out the window. Inside, there was nothing. Has Mom relocated? He was concerned and he questioned why she didn’t tell me.

“Chris? Is that you? inquired a female voice.

When he turned around, he encountered Mrs. Tovar, a seasoned resident who had spent her entire life next to them. Tovar, Mrs. Hello!”

She questioned, “What are you doing here, boy?”

I have come to see Mom. Do you know her whereabouts? He questioned with a scowl.

“Oh, no. About two years ago, your mother moved out. She sold that home, but the new occupants only recently moved in. The former neighbor responded, “I don’t know who’s moving in right now.

Chris said, “She never told me.” Are you aware of her whereabouts?

“Sure, I’ve got her address down. Join me, please.” After visiting his home, Mrs. Tovar gave him a piece of paper.

Chris scowled as he read the address. The address indicated a less than attractive area of the city.

He asked the older woman, “Do you know why she moved there.

“No, sweetie. Chris was even more perplexed by Mrs. Tovar’s shrug, “But I know she has a roommate now.

Last but not least, he went back to his taxi and gave her the new address. He arrived at a run-down apartment building on a dimly lit street. It was awful.

There was no security, so he entered the building immediately and climbed upstairs without difficulty.

“Chris? Why are you in this place? Olivia, who was startled when he opened the door, enquired.

“Mom! Why did you sell the house, what’s going on? Chris was questioned, horrified and perplexed.

Chris, oh my. She groaned and beckoned her son inside the tiny living room.

Olivia stated that she had some funds that she had used to purchase them the house the first time he had requested for money for it.

She didn’t have any money set aside, so she opted to sell her home and give Chris practically the entire profit when Chris requested for money for his company.

This information as well as the fact that Chris was unaware of it stunned him. He felt like a terrible son because he had been so irresponsible.

“Mom, why didn’t you say something! He whispered breathlessly, “If I had known, I wouldn’t have taken that money.

“However, honey, I wanted you to succeed. She began to explain, but Chris cut her off. “I just failed to give you so much when you were younger.

“Mom, you provided for all of my needs. Only because I assumed you knew the answer did I ask you. I should not have requested it. So sorry again.

I apologize for not coming to see you sooner. For crying out loud, I’m so sad you have to live in this area of town and have a roommate at your age! Chris cried out in apology, tears of resentment welling up in his eyes.

Chris made a lot of promises to Olive, who broke down in tears and gave her son a tender embrace. He described everything to Rosalia over the phone that evening, and both of them decided it was time to bring Olivia closer to them.

Fortunately, she was able to swiftly land a new position in the same city as her cherished kid.

They eventually constructed a suite so Olivia wouldn’t have to miss another moment of the life of her granddaughter.

And over time, Chris paid his mother back in full for all of the money she had given him in exchange for the house and the business, which flourished and made it possible for them to live comfortably. Chris, though, never let Olivia make any more sacrifices.

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