The shelter cat chose his owners and tried everything to encourage them to take him…

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In New York City, a couple couldn’t find their pet cat.

They were so accustomed to their pet that it took them several months of mourning before they made the decision to get a cat from a rescue organization.

As soon as they reached the threshold, an extremely gorgeous white cat with fluffy white fur jumped out to greet them.

The purring began as soon as the cat made its way onto Stephanie’s boyfriend’s shoulders.

The cat’s charming personality had a strong appeal for the couple. The sight of him tenderly embracing the other person caused their hearts to melt.

On the camera of her mobile phone, Stephanie was able to seize the precious moment for all time.

They decided on the name Oliver right away for the cat. That was the name of their feline companion who sadly passed away.

Unfortunately, their new acquaintance was experiencing some difficulties with his health. The couple received an early warning from the shelter’s volunteers regarding this situation.

But that did not prevent them in the least.

Oliver requires continual care and attention. Injections are given to his eyes and ears on a regular basis.

On the first day he spent in his new home, he was terrified of everything and did not go far from the people who had rescued him.

The couple decided to take the day off in order to reduce the animal’s anxiety and be there for him in his time of need.

The fact that there was already another cat residing in the house at the time is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the situation.

The animals did not get along well at first, but after some time had passed, they became the best of friends.

Watch the video…

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