The Plastic Surgery Cost Two Sisters $300,000. They Showed Before And After Pictures…

Chie and Chika Yoshikawa, who are twin sisters, are well-known in Japan for often spending money on plastic surgery in an effort to achieve what they perceive to be the “ideal features.”

If you were to compare the way Chie and Chika seemed when they were in their early twenties to the way they look now that they are 34 years old, you might think that they are two completely different people.

The facial features, including their noses and eyes, have seen significant change since the photographs of them that are posted on social media.

The sisters asserted that they had incurred expenses totaling around 40 million yen (19,579,600 rubles) for cosmetic surgery.

These surgeries included facelifts, injections of filler, and a variety of operations on their eyes and noses.

Despite the fact that they experienced a great deal of suffering and had to spend a lot of time recovering as a direct result of their decision, the twins do not have any regrets.

Chie and Chika claim that the constant pressure they felt to behave like children led to the development of their concern with altering their appearance.

Each person had a preference for one of the sisters, and it didn’t matter whether it was due of their outward appearance or their mental prowess.

Their mental well-being suffered severely as a direct result of the constant comparisons, and as a result, they finally developed the behavior pattern of regularly looking in the mirror to search for flaws in their appearance.

When they had reached an appropriate age, they came to the conclusion that undergoing cosmetic surgery was the most expedient way to improve their appearance.

Chie and Chika no longer look identical to one another because they had separate procedures, each of which altered their looks.

When Chie and her friends first started uploading images of themselves on social media, another user insulted her by calling her a “pig nose,” and she took the rude comment personally.

As a result of this, she requested that her cosmetic surgeon cut some of the cartilage shorter, which ultimately resulted in the lowering of the tip of her nose.

When she presented the updated appearance, a few of her supporters voiced their disapproval, saying things like, “It’s a mistake; it was better before.” As a result, she continued to make alterations to the photograph.

The young woman ultimately had to accept the fact that no matter how many operations she underwent in quick succession, she would never be able to win over everyone’s approval.

One of the most recent treatments that the girls have had consists of the removal of fat from the corners of the mouth. Additionally, the fat in their cheeks was reduced.

The twins are aware that there is such a thing as going too far with plastic surgery, but they still believe that it has made their lives better.

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