18-year friendship: a guy rescued a hippo and this giant thanked him with incredible love…

The female hippopotamus known as Jessica is often considered to be the most famous animal in the world.

She has been the subject of around 150 documentaries and receives widespread coverage in the media, which is one of the reasons why hundreds of people go to see her each year.

However, let’s find out even more about this marvelous creature.

Her journey started 18 years ago, in the country of South Africa. The patriarch of the family came across a young hippopotamus while walking along the bank of a river not too far from his home. There was not a single person in the vicinity.

It is evident that only one cub could potentially survive, especially taking into account the fact that the youngster was most likely only a few days old at the time of the incident.

The man made the decision to take the animal back with him to his house. The baby was given the name Jessica when she was born.

The Joubert family as a whole was responsible for the animal’s upbringing. The people who rescued Jessica allowed her to stay in their home for a short time, but Jessica gradually outgrew their space.

The Joubert family came to the conclusion that the best way to dispose of Jessica was to release her into the river where they had first found her.

Jessica, on the other hand, has developed such a strong attachment to certain people that she now sails to their houses and pays daily visits.

Jessica’s favorite things to do still include drinking tea and watching television. Just so you know, every day Jessica is given a number of liters of the favored tea of the previous owner.

The hippopotamus does not display any fear of people and will gladly accept snacks and gentle head pats from them.

This story has recently seen a significant surge in popularity.

Tourists will have the opportunity to meet Jessica, get to know her, and learn about the Joubert family patriarch, who is pleased to share his one-of-a-kind experience through specially designed tours that have been organized exclusively for them.

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