Single Dad Adopts 13-Year-Old Boy Left At Hospital…

From the moment that they first met, Peter Mutabazi was certain that he would be Tony’s father.

Their narrative is a heartfelt adventure about love and their family.

Children who are raised in foster care frequently confront high levels of vulnerability and are frequently abandoned for long periods of time within the system.

But thanks to an unlikeliest of heroes, this story that will warm your heart has a happy ending.

Peter had a hard life in Uganda, where he grew up in poverty and became a street kid. His youth was spent in Uganda.

But after being saved and adopted by a kind family, he came to the realization that it was his vocation to give back in some way and became a foster parent.

In 2017, Peter made the decision to pursue a career in fostering when he was living in Oklahoma.

He went to an employment agency in the area but was originally worried that the fact that he was a single man would disqualify him as a contender for the position.

In spite of his anxiety, he went ahead and applied for the program and finished the required training in order to become a foster parent.

There, he came into contact with Tony, a little boy whose previous adoptive parents had left him at a medical facility and never returned.

Peter is under the impression that they were destined to cross paths and that they constitute the ideal father-son duo.

A match forged in heaven.

This ordeal fraught with difficulties and upheaval at last led to the reunion of a family that had always been meant to be together.

He is ecstatic to make the announcement on that day. He can now legally be considered a citizen of the United States.

He exudes pride, gratitude, and hope all at the same time. After such a protracted trip, the joy that has settled into both his heart and his home defies all attempts at articulation.

Not only did he acquire a new citizenship, but he also became a father.

Even though he is only 13 years old, his new child is quite brilliant and well-read, and he speaks very highly of his new son or daughter.

He goes on to say that his son has a fantastic sense of humor, and that he enjoys riding his bike, playing video games, and going to new places.

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