He’s 103, she’s 100: Their long-lasting marriage secret will make you think…

It is unusual for married couples to have been together for more than a few decades in today’s society.

If you ask these married couples who have been together for 50 or 60 years what their secret is, you will virtually never hear the same answer from either of them.

We were advised by another couple once not to go to bed furious with one another, and the advice has been with us ever since.

Communicating with one another and working to earn trust is, of course, the best piece of guidance for newlywed couples.

However, a couple from North Carolina who recently celebrated 82 years of marriage deserves all the praise and thanks in the world.

Additionally, the pair celebrated their 103rd and 100th birthdays, which were only seven days apart from one another.

And the uncomplicated way in which they go about maintaining a healthy and fulfilling marriage.

Both D.V. Williams, who is 103 years old, and Willie Williams, who is 100 years old, recently celebrated their birthdays and anniversaries at a Charlotte church with members of their families as well as friends.

They most certainly earned the party that was thrown in their honor.

Compassion was demonstrated to be the key to a long-lasting love by a couple who shared their story of their lengthy marriage, which began during the Civil Rights Movement and continued through the Great Depression.

Their granddaughter, BJ Williams-Green, had this to say about seeing them at their age and in such good health: “Seeing them at this age and so well is still good; it’s just a gift they’re still here.”

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the pair is now very close to achieving their goal of becoming the world’s oldest married couple.

The current record holders are Japan’s Miyako Matsumoto, who is 100 years old, and her spouse Masau Matsumoto, who is 108 years old.

The longevity of the Japanese couple’s marriage is credited to the woman’s ability to exercise patience.

Willie Williams advised, “Just be kind to one another.” D.V. and Willie, on the other hand, asserted that their accomplishments were not the result of any particular technique or strategy.

We absolutely adore hearing news such as this. Greetings and best wishes to the joyful and responsible couple.

What a win for the deserving pair; it goes without saying that having a kind and generous heart is the most important quality to have if you want to have a long and happy life.

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