Missing boy reunited with father: stray dog protected him…

The world might use a bit more positivity because of a cute and watchful stray dog who helped save the life of this precious little child.

This adorable little kid, Khamarion Taylor, who was just three years old, was lost in the bustling streets of north St. Louis.

Fortunately, one of his neighbors saw him while she was out walking her dog early that morning and alerted the authorities.

The adorable child was dressed in his pajamas, suggesting that he may have wandered away from home without realizing it.

The fact that baby Taylor was being guided by a stray pit bull was, however, the thing that astonished the observers the most.

It seemed as though the shrewd dog had materialized there to serve as a guard and defend him from potential harm.

That truly got everyone’s attention, and it made their hearts melt since the sight was just so adorable.
after disclosing their whereabouts to the authorities as well as the father of the small boy.

They were able to find the trail quickly and arrived just in time to see the cute and inseparable pair playing together on the street.

The obedient protector stayed with his adorable human pal all the way up until the arrival of the human’s father.

Despite their gratitude, the family was unable to forget the thoughtful and watchful creature for the brave act he performed.

Taylor’s father came to the conclusion that the best way to repay his son’s faithful buddy would be to offer him a place in their family permanently.

They gave the pit bull the name Peri and took him to the veterinarian, who determined that he had an infection in one of his eyes.

Fortunately, after a few days, their courageous doggie placed their family so that he could spend his latter days in tranquility and beauty with Taylor.

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