She became a real Barbie after losing 100 kg.

Meet Kayla Lavender, a young woman with an iron will who overcame the preconceived notions people had about her.

People will find their sources of motivation from even the smallest of things at times.

Therefore, in the instance of Kayla, her most cherished Barbie from her childhood served as the source of her creativity.

Even after she was an adult, the girl was unable to forget her deep and abiding affection for her beautiful dolls.

During this time, Kayla’s weight problem was causing her a lot of stress, and she frequently daydreamed about becoming thinner.

Therefore, it was her passion for Barbie that eventually helped her come to a decision that would have a significant impact on the rest of her life.

She awoke one glorious morning with the realization that she unquestionably desired to alter her physical appearance and make the most of her life going forward.

She was able to accomplish anything significant in her life thanks to the tremendous resolve she possessed and, of course, the adoration she felt for her idol.

She admitted that it was difficult for her at first, but she managed to maintain her motivation and lifestyle despite the challenges.

She finally achieved her goal after many years of toiling away at it.

She has since achieved a great deal of success and takes great pleasure in living her life dressed up as her beloved Barbies.

She started off weighing 155 kilograms, but after making adjustments to her food and her whole lifestyle when she was 36 years old, she was able to lose 90 kg.

It is never too late to start changing anything if you feel the need to, as she encourages in her words of wisdom.

She says that she looks and feels younger and more beautiful than she did in the past and that she is now living her life to the fullest.

She is convinced that the urge to make changes in her life has also had an effect on her soul, making her more self-assured and upbeat.

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