A California couple found $10 million in gold coins in their backyard… See what they did with that…

Even though the couple from California found 10 million dollars worth of concealed gold coins, it turns out that they weren’t nearly as lucky as they thought they were.

According to recent reports, it’s possible that someone stole the coins from the United States Mint in the 1900s, but they’re still considered to be government property today.

The pair revealed that they discovered the one-of-a-kind coins in their backyard, in an old can that had been concealed.

They made a joke about how this luxury is like a “hot potato” because they can only gaze at the potatoes; they are unable to taste them.

On the other hand, the majority of the rare artifacts have never been used and remain in perfect condition.

In point of fact, the discoveries are so exceptional and priceless that their total market value is equal to 27,000 dollars.

Also, according to a local newspaper, the coins are an exact match for the theft of gold from the San Francisco Mint in the year 1900.

Don Kagin, an expert, was quoted by ABC News as saying that the entire working staff is astonished by the experience.

He claimed that ever since 1981, a lot of different people have given us one or two of them, which we have valued at a few thousand dollars each time.

However, this was one of the few times that we were able to recover the full stockpile of coins that had been buried.

He continued by saying that the odds were one in a million. It was much more difficult to believe, similar to really winning the jackpot!

Later on, they said that the well-known couple is getting ready to sell the majority of them, after having already loaned some of them out.

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