Pink saw a poster in the crowd during her performance, which made everyone cry… See what was written…

Recently, the famous singer Pink embarked on a concert tour in Australia in preparation for a significant performance there.

The well-known performer abruptly halted the show in the middle of one of her routines for no apparent reason.

The explanation was a poster that she saw being hoisted by one of her supporters in the crowd during the event.

In later moments, it became quite evident that the poster was being purposefully pushed up the priming lines on the stage in order for Pink to view it.

There was not a single person present that evening who did not enjoy the music, and anyone who took part in it can attest to that fact.

A message from a regular teenager named Leah, who is just 14 years old, managed to captivate the entire crowd as well as Pink.

According to what the young woman said, she had just lately suffered the loss of her mother and that she was grieving her very much.

Aside from that, she had a very specific request for Pink, which was to allow her to give her a bear hug.

Pink was so taken aback and moved by the young girl’s story that she promptly put an end to the show after receiving the girl’s kind request.

She went looking for the girl who was crying her eyes out and when she did, she gave her a bear hug without saying a word. Her eyes were filled with tears.

When it was Leah’s turn, the sweetest and warmest hug she received brought tears to her eyes.

After that, Pink comforted her with a hug and reassured them that things would turn around for the better in her life very soon.

Therefore, her kind deed, which consisted of helping Leah in that manner, was welcomed by all of the admirers.

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