The 83-year-old grandmother is the oldest Tough Mudder competitor.․․

Meet “Muddy Mildred” Wilson, an old competitor who just finished her third Tough Mudder competition. Wilson goes by the nickname “Muddy Mildred.”

She is now the one with the record for being the oldest individual to compete in and complete the five-kilometer event.

The diligent mother entered the marathon for the first time in 2019, following in the footsteps of her son Danny, who had previously finished the renowned competition that was hosted in Las Vegas.

Therefore, she consulted her physician about becoming physically ready by strengthening both her body and her spirit at the YMCA in the area.

The elderly woman with a strong determination was working very hard to get herself into the best possible physical condition so that she could compete in the final.

When the momentous occasion finally arrived, the grandmother did everything in her power to be completely prepared for it.

Her husband, Farell, was her biggest fan and supporter, and he, along with their friends, came to cheer her on during her competitions.

In a later interview, Mildred stated that her husband was her greatest supporter since he always gave his blessing to whatever it was that she desired to achieve, no matter what it was.

In spite of this, her beloved Farell passed away in 2020, and she made the decision to participate in the 2021 competition in his memory.

Her involvement in the marathon endeared it to her family and friends to such a degree that others soon followed in her footsteps to take part in it as well.

During the race, the woman and her son Danny extended an invitation to their niece Maggie and her companions to come and have some fun.

As a result, it turned into a wonderful family ritual for this upbeat and adorable family.

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