36 years later twins found their biological parents after they had been stolen…

A Chilean tyrant made the decision, many years ago, to violate a law in order to reduce the level of poverty in his country.

On the other hand, he decided to pursue an unconventional strategy rather than creating new employment opportunities and advancing higher levels of education.

Simply put, he abducted newborns or very young infants from their parents and then illegally placed them for adoption through a vast network of intermediaries.

These harsh practices were also carried out in the presence of Élan and Micah Nardi, who were newborn twins at the time.

They were among the 8,000 to 20,000 children that were said to have been taken away from their mothers in the year 1986.

From the 1970s through the 1980s, the majority of the kidnapped children were placed with families in either North America or Europe.

It came to pass that the children were taken into custody by the authorities when their mother took them to the hospital so that one of them might be examined and treated for an illness.

They simply removed the children and slammed the door in the mother’s face while demanding that she wait.

That was the very last time the young mother, who was deeply heartbroken, was able to see her kids.

They were transported to Massachusetts, where they joined their adoptive family and remained for the next three decades.

However, after seeing a program on television about the rigorous routine followed by the Chili twin brothers, the Chili brothers decided to search for their origins.

They soon realized who they were and made the decision to travel back to their nation in order to locate their mother.

After 36 years, they were finally able to embrace and kiss their original mother, who had been waiting all those years for them to return. This was an emotional and uplifting moment for them.

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