At the wedding, his stepmother’s sweet comments excited this lovely kid….

The kind and considerate couple, who had been seeing each other for a number of years, ultimately made the decision to formalize their relationship.

You are about to meet Josh Neville and his future wife, Emily Lehan, who have requested a brief holiday in order to get ready for their wedding ceremony.

They hoped that if they were given enough time, they could pull off their unique event successfully and ensure that it would be remembered forever.

As a result, they put a lot of effort into fitting as many of their fantasy events as they could into their schedule, even taking a honeymoon before coming back to work.

In particular, the warm-hearted Emily crafted a one-of-a-kind address for Neville’s son Gage, who was the product of his first marriage.

It turned out to be an emotional surprise for Gage and for everyone else who was there as well.

Following the lovely conventional rites of the couple’s vows and the exchange of rings, Emily requested that her heartfelt address be read aloud.

Taking the microphone in her hands, the lovely bride proceeded to read Gage the sweet and heartfelt wishes she had prepared in advance.

Both of them had a highly important and weighty day of responsibilities on that particular day.

Emily is now the legally recognized mother of a lovable son who is four years old.

Everyone in attendance at the wedding was moved to tears by the touching moment when Emily read her speech.

“I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how fortunate I am to have such a sweet, intelligent, and gorgeous young man in my life.

I hope that you have a happy and healthy life, that you are a decent person, and that you are aware of how special of a person you are.

I want to express my gratitude to God for blessing me with such a wonderful gift as you.

Not only did those remarks affect the small child, but also his father and the other visitors who were there.

The young man’s upbringing, which did not include a mother, had a significant impact on him.

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