The adventurous young woman rebuilt an ancient van to tour the world with her favorite rescue doggo…

This young lady has had a deep-seated passion for exciting experiences ever since she was a child.

She has always had a passion for exploring new places, particularly with her father by her side.

And as she got older, she made the decision to turn her life into a real-life fairy tale.

Meet Marina Piro, an Italian woman who has finally been able to live out her lifelong ambition of traveling the world with her beloved rescue dog.

When she was on a brief vacation to one of the towns in Italy more than six years ago, she met her gorgeous four-legged buddy there, and she immediately fell in love with him.

The young lady had a brilliant idea the previous year that would allow her and her Odie to visit some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

After purchasing a 2001 Renault Kangoo with five doors, Marina made the decision to transform it into a comfortable and ideal living space.

The most significant benefit of it is that the house may be moved, which would allow her to realize a long-held ambition of hers.

Soon after that, she gave it a makeover and christened the vehicle Pam.

The daring woman ripped apart the van and outfitted it with all of the components required for a comfortable house.

She used her bare hands to construct the floor, a makeshift kitchen, and a bed, and she even hung the curtains to give the impression that it was a real home.

Therefore, the courageous and kind woman was able to complete the initial step toward realizing her desire without the need to travel to an airport or take a bus.

Now that they are married, Maria and Odie take pleasure in the wonderful travels they take together, which bring them both a great deal of satisfaction.

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