A 4-year-old child saved his younger brother from drowning…

A young child from California with the age of four became a hero after he saved his sibling from drowning. The young boy’s brother was also from California.

As a token of appreciation for his bravery under pressure, he was granted the opportunity to go for a spin in a fire engine as a reward.

Mason Ochoa, then four years old, was at his house in Los Angeles with his parents on a day in early November. Mason was having a good day.

Mason discovered that his younger brother, Nicholas, who was only one at the time, had gotten himself into the swimming pool as he was watching out the window in the afternoon.

Mason didn’t even think twice before bolting out the door to rush to his brother’s aid.

Mason went into action almost immediately, seizing his brother’s hand and ensuring that he kept his head above water.

He yelled for assistance as loudly as he could muster up the strength.

The noise drew the attention of the mother of the boys, who ran to the swimming pool and rescued Nicholas from the water.

As soon as she noticed that Nicholas was not breathing and that his face was flushed, she yelled at her husband to phone the emergency services. Nicholas was not breathing.

Nicholas was given CPR as soon as the rescue services arrived, which allowed them to save his life and keep him from suffocating. After doing the examination, the medical professionals detected no signs of major injury.

Mason’s quick thinking and bravery left a lasting impression on the members of the local rescue squad.

Mason was invited to the fire station as a way for them to express their gratitude for his assistance. While there, he was given the opportunity to operate a fire vehicle, use a water hose, and try on a firefighter’s uniform.

Following the occurrence, Mason was honored for his bravery and given a prize as a result of the recognition he received.

The fire chief joked that in 14 years he would be more than delighted to have Mason join his crew and that he would be more than happy to have Mason join his team.

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