The compassionate policeman stopped traffic to bring mama duck and her ducklings to the river…

After making their debut on social media, the adorable duck and her brood quickly rose to the top of the viral popularity charts.

Recently, while walking through the streets of Milan, Italy, they became disoriented and lost their way.

They endeavored to retrace their steps and get back to Darsena, which is located at the confluence of three smaller rivers.

Suddenly, a police officer with a kind heart observed the ducks and immediately began making measures to save them as quickly as humanly feasible.

He brought the speeding cars to a stop on the highway and then guided the mother duck and her adorable little ducklings safely through the congested city streets.

They had finally arrived at their destination, and the kind police officers were there to see them off and bid them farewell.

The man and the duck family were greeted warmly by a number of pedestrians who were taking pictures of the beautiful scene.

It evolved into a peculiar and amusing occurrence that, thankfully, led to a successful conclusion.

Even the drivers who saw the adorable family couldn’t help but crack a smile, and they did everything they could to make sure they got out of the way as quickly as possible.

The endearing moment when everyone adored the darling ducks and, in particular, their guide man who accompanied them at all times.

The duckling’s mother was bewildered and terrified of becoming separated from her young in the strange environment.

The young guy of compassion looked after them the whole way to the river and ensured that they arrived safely.

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