The amazing artist sketches lovely and amusing clouds that make everyone smile…

Clouds were the subject of humorous and imaginative doodles that were drawn by the Dublin-based artist Chris Judge.

Since he was a child, the imaginative and perceptive artist has been able to make his acquaintances and members of his own family laugh.

He was always one of the most well-respected students in his grade at school, and he went on to become an exceptionally bright and skilled computer programmer at the university.

These cute little creatures put a smile on everyone’s face and fill them with good feelings.

When he was looking at a photo of an ordinary cloud on the internet, he got the first spark of inspiration for this amusing notion.

Since that time, Chris has taken beautiful photographs of clouds that he found on the internet and transformed them into magnificent animals for amusement.

After that, his devoted wife Cliona O’Flaherty provided support for him by taking photographs of clouds that were both beautiful and interesting.

She worked as a photographer for a living, and the two of them went into business together to launch a comedic enterprise.

They developed a website known as A Daily Cloud, which, much to their astonishment, quickly gained a lot of popularity and was praised by a lot of users for its cuteness.

People from every corner of the globe are drawn to the imaginative and vivacious people they portray.

They are holding their breath in anticipation of their daily overcast heroes receiving great thoughts and getting their day started with these adorablenesses.

The couple’s popular page has over 80,000 followers on Instagram, and it consistently provides viewers with moments of joy and laughter throughout the day.

In addition to that, it developed into a modest but lucrative business thanks to the production and sale of daily cards featuring these endearing and amusing characters.

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