The kind woman adopted a dog from a shelter and discovered she was her childhood pet…

This heartwarming reunion is very endearing, and it exemplifies how fate always guides us to the right place at the right time.

Nicole Grimes had just turned 10 years old when her grandma surprised her with a cute puppy as a gift.

It was for her birthday that she received the lovely furry Pomeranian-Poodle pal that she now shares an inseparable friendship with.

They were together for four wonderful and unforgettable years.

However, they were forced to split ways because of an unforeseen obstacle that stood between them.

Her father moved the family into a brand-new home and obtained a job in a rural area that demanded an atmosphere of tranquility and seclusion.

Therefore, the heartbroken adolescent Nicole had no choice but to part ways with her cherished animal companion and donate her to the Washington Humane Society.

Despite this, Nicole was unable to forget her sweet pooch and spent those years hoping against hope that one day they would be reunited.

It came to pass that nine years later, the young woman stumbled across a post on her Facebook account that described an elderly dog that was looking for a new home.

Chloe was the name given to both of these canine companions, and they were best friends.

Therefore, the bewildered and ecstatic young woman had heart bits, and she could not wait any longer to see her again.

After such a long time apart, she had almost no doubt that her cherished animal companion would find its way back to her.

In point of fact, she was correct!

Chloe made a second visit to her family, and this time, she established herself as the infant’s closest friend.

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