The sweet moment when this 5-year-old invited his classmates to the adoption ceremony.

Dave Eaton and Andrea Melvin, a caring couple, have been discussing the possibility of starting a family for more than ten years.

However, they were unable to have biological children, so they made the decision to become adoptive parents.

After having cared for the gorgeous young child named Michael Clark for more than a year, Andrea and Dave are now in a position to legally adopt him.

The tender moment came when the cute young kid invited his classmates to participate in the unusual and joyous adoption ceremony. This was a poignant moment.

Even his teacher, Ms. McKee, was enthusiastic about helping them carry out the plan and supporting them in doing so.

It was a remarkable experience for all of them, but especially for Michael, who was so little.

Michael’s classmates and teacher collaborated on the creation of heart-shaped paper to express their love and support for him.

They showed how much they cared by expressing their happiness that Michael would be able to spend the rest of her life with her parents.

ABC News was able to catch the tender moments and the twinkling eyes of the young man, who said, “I love my father,” multiple times during the interview.

And Dave, on his end, showed that he was in agreement by nodding his head affirmatively.

As a result, the compassionate act that the couple performed has served as motivation for a great number of others.

The family’s narrative about how the big day turned into a memorable and endearing occasion for them went viral on various social media platforms.

With his new, loving adoptive parents, Michael can look forward to a life that is brighter and more exciting.

I am overjoyed for them!

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