The teacher reacted strangely when the student’s child cried and see what he did…

Recently, a photograph of Sydney Engelberg, a professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, holding a screaming baby during his class has gone viral on the internet. The photograph was taken during one of Engelberg’s lectures.

Because of the tale that is associated with it, this photograph, which was taken by one of his students, has moved the hearts of many people.

According to Engelberg’s daughter, her father, who is originally from South Africa and has 45 years of teaching experience, teaches at the master’s level and so has a large number of students who are older than themselves.

Many of these students are young mothers who are raising their children on their own and frequently bring them to school with them.

Because Engelberg encourages these moms to bring their children to class rather than separate them, the portrait of him cradling a weeping infant during class is so dramatic.

He is shown in the shot holding the baby while it is wailing.

Engelberg chose to take the infant in his arms and calm him down just as the baby’s mother was ready to leave the room. The snapshot depicts a baby who is screaming out when his mother is about to depart.

After that, he went on as if nothing had happened and continued his journey.

When they come to Engelberg’s classes, a good number of students bring their children with them. Some of these students even feed their children while Engelberg is teaching.

Engelberg is baffled as to why the photograph has garnered such significant attention on the internet, despite the fact that he has seen it several times.

According to his daughter, he sees nothing unusual or out of the ordinary in all of this.

She goes on to explain that her father believes that “education is not simply the study of theoretical knowledge in the classroom, but the study of values.”

She goes on to say that this is a very important message that her father would like the rest of the world to get, and she says that she would like to transmit that message on his behalf.

In conclusion, the snapshot of Sydney Engelberg holding a screaming infant while in class serves as a potent reminder of the significance of empathic and compassionate learning in the classroom.

It also emphasizes the significance of cultivating an environment that is open and accepting of all students, including those who may be bringing their children along to class with them.

The acts of Mr. Engelberg serve as an example for educators and parents all around the world, and his message regarding the significance of values in education is one that need to be disseminated to a large audience.

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