Prince Harry finally says whether or not Charles III is his real father…

Recently, Prince Harry, who is now known as the Duke of Sussex, addressed the rumors and speculation that surround his paternity.

There have been persistent claims throughout the years that he is the product of an affair that took place between Princess Diana and her lover, Major James Hewitt, who has red hair.

These allegations, however, have been categorically refuted by the prince, who asserts that his mother did not start a romantic relationship with the major until after the birth of the prince himself.

Harry further said that the tabloids had gone to great measures in order to substantiate their claims, even going so far as to investigate his DNA. He said that this was an extreme measure.

Due to the fact that the prince has been subjected to these rumors his entire life, he has been under a significant amount of pressure as a result of them.

Now, the Duke of Sussex hopes to put an end to this rumor once and for all, although it is probable that his life will continue to be anything but calm.

The prince’s wish for seclusion may be little more than a pipe dream given the amount of material regarding his private life that has been made public over the course of the previous few days.

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