The day’s most touching scene: a father used all of his savings to buy his son new shoes…

Everyone was taken aback by the thoughtful act that a father from the Philippines performed for his daughter.

Nobody had ever witnessed shopping conducted in such a manner before.

At some point in the past, this guy and his kid went to one of the regional shopping centers in order to get fresh footwear for the child.

The two people were looking for the solution that would work best for them until they found it.

When it came time for dad to pay for everything, he pulled something peculiar out of his pocket, which surprised both the cashier and the other customers in the store.

It wasn’t a wallet or a credit card; rather, it was a little box that fit in your pocket.

And as soon as he opened it, a large number of coins materialized in front of the other customers and the cashiers.

In addition to that, there were coins of a demonetized currency in the container.

It is likely that he had been amassing the coin collection for some time already.

It was discovered that the impoverished man had been storing up all of his money for a considerable number of years.

It eventually became his primary objective, but in the meantime, he enjoyed cracking it open for fun whenever he found himself in a sticky situation.

On the other hand, the generous father made up his mind to use the money to get a brand new pair of shoes for his adolescent child.

The eyewitnesses then related their accounts of the incident, adding that when the man finally got his hands on the shoes, he appeared to be overjoyed and delighted about their purchase.

Therefore, even though they were in a difficult circumstance, he was able to make his kid happy by finally giving him the shoes he had been waiting for.

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