A brave and kind boy saved a unique cat and became good friends with it. They have same eyes…

In most cases, a special and amicable friendship develops between two different organisms since they share many characteristics in common.

For instance, when we select a friend or a spouse who is similar to us and who shares the same interests, we tend to feel more at ease in their company.

Once upon a time, a young boy from Oklahoma who had a distinct physical look became the happiest boy in the world in the span of a single day.

The young man who goes by the moniker Madden was initially born with a cleft lip and eyes of a different shade than each other.

Even though he stood out due to his appearance, he was never able to fit in with the rest of his class since they made fun of him.

Therefore, this sweet and downtrodden child opted to spend their time by themselves and was more reclusive.

Thankfully, Madden’s mom happened to discover a post about an abandoned cat with an unusual appearance on a particularly lovely day.

And, as the cute kitty and her son were “two peas in a pod,” a brilliant idea came to her at that same moment.

It was strange that the two of them suffered from the same diseases; nonetheless, this only served to endear them to one another and make them unique.

Therefore, Madden and his mother started their journey the following day with the intention of bringing the adorable kitty to their house.

Thankfully, they took the adorable cat in off the streets and found her a home where she will remain forever.

Nevertheless, the cat was quite sweet to the young man by doing something endearing for him.

It was only Madden’s cat that had the power to rescue him from his solitary existence and restore him to a vibrant and happy way of living his life.

They have remained the closest of friends and have always traveled together.

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