The teenage son took his ill mom to prom and she what she did…

This heartwarming tale focuses on a young man and his devoted mother, who was in need of extra love during that stage of her son’s life.

Before the day of the boy’s graduation, everything appeared to be in order, but then a mistake was made.

The one person that Dylan Huffaker adored the most was his mother. The child had been counting down the days before his graduation celebration with great anticipation.

However, in 2016, his mother, Kerry Huffaker, was informed that she was suffering from a severe stage of brain cancer.

Her prognosis from the physicians was that she had between 9 and 20 months to live.

And when it came time for the young man to choose his date for the prom, he did not hesitate before selecting his lifelong companion and best friend, his mother.

The mother had an unannounced visit from her son one day when she was receiving radiotherapy treatment in the hospital. At the time, the woman had already begun her treatment.

He gave his mum her favorite donuts that he brought with him.

When she opened the box, she saw a note inside.

Therefore, a letter regarding the special festival invitation was prepared to Kerry and sent.

When the woman finished reading the card, she felt such joy and pride for her son’s thoughtfulness that she simply could not bring herself to say “no.”

Her only problem was that she would be one of the elder guests here, and she was bald.

On the other hand, in his eyes, she stood out as the most stunning person in the entire room.

They were, without a doubt, the most radiant and charming couple in attendance at the ball.

Incredible experiences and priceless moments were captured in the woman’s memory for all time.

After all, she died away in 2018, leaving behind fond memories and allowing her blessed son to share their years together as some of the happiest and most extraordinary of their lives.

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