A woman in her forties gets her degree from the same college where she worked as a cleaner for 14 years…

Sthembile Mngwengwe is living proof that it is never too late for a person to achieve their goals and dreams.

Sthembile did not let the fact that she was having trouble making ends meet when she graduated from high school in 1998 prevent her from moving forward with her life.

She spent ten years at the University of KwaZulu-Natal working as a cleaner for the institution.

She was afforded the option to attend the university on the institution’s dime when a window of opportunity opened up.

Sthembile persevered in her pursuit of a higher education in spite of the challenges she faced upon enrolling in classes for the first time in twenty years.

She owes her achievement to her dogged drive and her willingness to consult her religion for wisdom.

Sthembile’s determination to better herself led her to finish her college degree in spite of having to clean instructors’ offices.

She felt a strong desire to participate in the classes that she saw students attending after being on campus and observing them.

She highlighted that age is nothing more than a number, and that everybody, regardless of age, is capable of achieving their goals.

The story of Sthembile serves as a potent reminder that one should not let their age prevent them from furthering their education.

She began her academic career at the institution where she had been employed for the previous 14 years and went on to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in social science.

She is pleased with her achievement and urges others to persevere in pursuing their goals and ambitions.

In conclusion, the trip that Sthembile has taken can serve as a source of motivation for others who consider that they are too old to achieve their aspirations.

Her doggedness and effort have demonstrated that it is never too late to attain one’s goals, even if the clock is ticking.

The story of Sthembile serves as a timely reminder that one’s age should never be a barrier to furthering their education.

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