No one could find words to describe the gorgeous look of model Paris Hilton imitating Marilyn Monroe…

Hilton recreated the famous photograph of Marilyn Monroe wearing a wig and a bathrobe for the magazine Vogue.

It is common knowledge that the renowned and highly successful model Paris Hilton enjoys playing around with various aspects of her appearance quite frequently.

This time, her inspiration was the late beauty legend Marilyn Monroe, whose likeness she imitated by wearing a curly-haired blonde wig.

The iconic model made her appearance wearing a snow-white bathrobe and accessorizing with opulent earrings, bracelets, and a necklace of sparkling stones.

She posed for the camera while holding a phone in her hands, and there were publications all around her.

Hilton was pictured for the publication Vogue Magazine confessing that the cult comedy “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is one of her all-time favorites.

The photoshoot was titled “Calling my eternal icon,” and it was signed by the photographer.

“The beauty of Marilyn and the soul of Princess Diana,” “Marilyn is unrepeatable,” “If Marilyn lived these days,” “I find no resemblance here,” and “She is undoubtedly the Marilyn of our generation” are some of the comparisons that have been made between Marilyn and Monroe.

It is important to note that the legendary model is currently wed to the successful entrepreneur C. Reum, with whom she made public her relationship in the year 2020.

Soon enough, the model was able to experience the joys of parenthood, making her long-held desire come true.

She is the proud parent of a son who was delivered through a surrogate mother and a daughter who is 10 years old thanks to her relationship with popular reality actress Lauren Bellizzi.

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