The «Transformers» star Megan Fox surprised her 20 million followers with her new look…

Fans were taken flabbergasted after seeing the completely different sight of Fox with short blonde hair.

Just recently, one of the most beautiful, well-known, and successful actresses in the world as well as the star of the “Transformers” franchise did something that did not allow any of her 20 million fans to remain unmoved.

The gorgeous dark-haired woman is deemed to be the sexiest woman in the planet by the editors of FHM magazine.

Megan made the decision to significantly alter her appearance, which rendered everyone stunned.

The extraordinary makeover that the lovely actress, who is 36 years old and engaged to the well-known rapper Coulson Baker, underwent, which included cutting her hair short and going blonde, came as a big surprise to the internet users.

As soon as she unveiled her completely new look on Instagram in the Stories section, her followers were left in shock and wondering whether she actually conducted experiments on her looks or whether she was just getting ready for a new role in a film or a video clip.

On the other hand, there is no disputing that the actress is most successful with the image that she has recently adopted.

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