She reveals to her 3-year-old daughter that she was adopted․․․ But see what the child did…

Children have an uncanny ability to astonish and enthrall us with their innocence and straightforwardness.

They are devoid of any superstructures, allowing them to swiftly comprehend the significance of what is most significant.

Witness the reaction of a young child, which is, to say the least, moving, once she learns that her mother was adopted.

Even though this child of three years old may not have had a complete understanding of the notion of adoption and what it means, the key explanation that her mother provided was sufficient for her to acquire the gist of it.

Emily Fauver is a mother as well as an influencer who just made the decision to broadcast a skit that she and her daughter Ella, who is only three years old, performed together.

Emily and Ella are seen in the video speaking while in the kitchen, and the video looks to have been recorded from one of the security cameras located around the house.

Emily’s daughter just asked her “who’s your mommy?” as she was eating a banana. The woman responded that Mimi was her mother, but the child wanted to know more, so she asked “Why is Mimi your mother?”

At that very time, the woman shares with her daughter the news that she was adopted.

In response to her daughter’s incessant “why?” inquiries, the woman tells her daughter that she was adopted “because my mother didn’t want me, so another mother came and took me in.”

The youngster was in severe disbelief after hearing that someone “didn’t want” her mother, and after a little pause, she remarked, “Oh I truly want you, I’ll be your mother.”

Emily was extremely impacted by this response and appeared to be on the verge of crying with emotion as she said, “Give me a hug. That is such a cute gesture. She explained to her daughter that “that is exactly why I had you.”

Because the video is so emotionally stirring, it has garnered the attention of more than one and a half million people; also, Emily emphasized very plainly in the title of the video that “You have been warned… take tissues or the whole box.”

Even though she is just three years old, this youngster is not aware of how much she helped me heal my inner child. God saw that my soul required you in advance.

One user remarked, “My heart feels pushed to adopt lately, and your tale makes that desire grow in me.” (My heart feels driven to adopt lately)

Another user wanted to relate her personal experience, which was quite similar to Emily’s. She said, “I too was adopted, and when my son asked me what adoption was when he was about the same age as your daughter, he had so much pity for me…

as well as provided me with all of the love that I had always required from my biological parents. It is very kind of you to share that information with us.

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