The crowd witnessed the moment security guards didn’t allow Madonna’s daughter to get into the fashion show… You won’t believe what happened…

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The heiress of the legendary, all-around famous, and extremely successful musician Madonna was unable to attend the concert of Marc Jacob that was held in New York.

The crowd saw quite clearly how she was going to enter when she was abruptly prevented from doing so by security officers.

When Lourdes arrived at the venue at six o’clock in the evening, the host informed her that it would be impossible to let her in because the show was only minutes away from beginning at that point in time.

The crowd couldn’t help but erupt into chants of “Let her in right now,” “How dare you?,” and “She is renowned Madonna’s daughter.” It is reasonable to assume that they were unable to maintain their composure.

The crowd was rendered mute as a result of the behavior of the security guards since they had realized there was no purpose in screaming and publicly supporting the actress.

Lourdes sprinted away from the scene while frantically trying to cover her face with her palm and hide her shame.

In addition to this, the fashion label’s spring 2021 advertising campaign will feature her as the face of the brand.

The rising actress in an all-denim getup that included a jacket, handbag, and accessories that matched well. Her face had only a light coating of makeup.

The presentation by Marc Jacobs attracted the attention of a number of celebrities, including Emily Ratajkowski, Ashley Graham, and Natalie Hilton Rothschild, among others.

It was in the year 1996 when Madonna gave birth to Lourdes from her relationship with fitness trainer C. Lean.

The couple that was married ended up getting divorced. The young woman who went by the name Lola rose to fame after exposing facts about her past, including the fact that she claimed her mother treated her badly.

Watch the video…

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