Eddie Murphy paid for the funeral and headstone of comedian Redd Foxx who died penniless at 68… But see why he did that…

Redd was best known for his role on “Sanford and Son” as Fred G. Sanford. Even a show called “The Redd Foxx Comedy Hour” was named after him.

The funny man got married four times, but he never had any kids. At the end of his life, he only had Eddie Murphy, who was also a comedian and actor.

Fans loved Redd, but he didn’t live very long and needed a friend near the end. He lived an interesting life, but it wasn’t for very long.

Redd Foxx’s financial problems

In 1989, the actor owed $755,166.21 in back taxes to the U.S. government. After he didn’t pay, they broke into his three-bedroom Las Vegas home and stole as much as they could to get the money back.

During the time that the Hacienda Hotel was seized, Redd made between $15,000 and $20,000 per week by performing there.

But he thought that the U.S. Government wanted the $500,000 he had made from the movie “Harlem Nights.” He said that the money he made from the movie made the government angry. He also said the tax he had to pay was stupid.

“No one pays $20,000 a week in income taxes in the United States. He once said, “This is like a Third World country, taking my whole salary.”

When the agency raided his house, they took his cars, furniture, and anything else they could fit in their vans. They tried to take the house his dog lived in, but it was too big.

They also tried to take his four dogs, but failed.

“They took my money out of my pocket and the ID necklace and bracelet off my wrist,” she said at one point.

Officials from the U.S. Government also broke into the luggage trunks of her late mother and dumped her personal things on the floor of her garage. Redd had already been in trouble with the U.S. Government before the raid.

He used to make $4 million a year, but he spent it all on a luxurious lifestyle. When he had to give his third wife $300,000 as part of their divorce settlement, it made his money problems even worse.

He also had to pay $25,000 to settle a lawsuit from a hotel worker who said the comedian had cursed at him while he worked there. He had to file for bankruptcy in the end.

He felt bad that none of his Hollywood friends helped him.

Redd was crushed when his Hollywood friends didn’t help him.

“No one tells me anything. That’s pretty amazing. I just can’t believe it. He said, “No one has called me.”

“All I want is a telegram that says, ‘Hey, man, I’m sorry. Hold your head up.’ I haven’t gotten anything yet, though. I’ve had a business for fifty years. I’ve helped a lot of people and got them started,” he said.

Redd also said that he had tried to get in touch with Eddie Murphy, a fellow comedian and longtime friend, but had not heard back.

“Eddie has the power to get me out of this whole mess. He wouldn’t be hurt by it. I could agree to work for him for five years until I pay him back,” he said.

Redd got help from fans and neighbors, which was a surprise to him. He once told me that one of his neighbors, who lived three blocks away, had brought him some things because he was running low.

Even the kids at school helped him. They got together and raised $200 for Redd. This made him feel good.

“The kids gave their lunch money to a good cause. That’s amazing. “To tell you the truth, I was embarrassed to take it,” the comedian said.

Redd got some money from a woman at the club where he was performing. She took donations from people who came to see his live show.

The Link Between Eddie Murphy and Redd Foxx

Eddie helped write and make the movie “Harlem Nights” with Richard Pryor. Redd was in it. Eddie said that Redd had bet him $1000 while they were working on the movie that he would be married within a year.

“I liked Redd Foxx and we were close. “Yeah, I gave him a shout-out at Dolemite and everything,” Eddie said.

After finding out that Redd had lost everything to the U.S. Government, he, his lawyer Mark Rissman, and his accountant Louis Pittman contacted the Government.

They came up with an auction plan to help Redd pay off his debts, which saved the comedian from having his home taken away.

Eddie even made a TV show called “The Royal Family,” in which Redd played one of the main roles. After five years of not being on TV, the comedian got this part.

Murphy also had nice things to say about Richard Pryor after they worked on “Harlem Nights” together.

“He’s doing a great job and is on top of the world. He really knows how to treat people with care. Eddie said, “He’ll come up to you and tell you what to do in private. He never makes anyone feel bad.”

The sad death of the comedian and his funeral

In 1991, while he was practicing for the show “The Royal Family,” Redd had a heart attack. Rachel McCallister, who works in comedy, talked about the last few hours of his life.

McCallister said, “They were joking around and practicing on the set, and Redd was making people laugh when he fell down. At first, everyone thought he was joking, so they called the ambulance.”

Eddie thought about the death of Redd:

“I had to pay for his funeral, buy his headstone, and do everything else on my own.”

He also said that the comedian’s death wasn’t the first time he had to bury a Hollywood star.

“Over the years, I’ve buried a lot of people. Many people in show business don’t have their affairs in order when they die for some strange reason. “If they knew, I’ve buried a lot of well-known people,” he said.

Eddie thought about the money problems of his late friend and wondered if the U.S. Government would have been able to get back all the money he owed. He also said that Redd was probably glad to have died before he had to pay the government back.

Eddie Murphy and Red Foxx have lived their lives in different ways.

Eddie Murphy is not like his friend at all. He has a big family with whom he loves to spend all of his free time. Murphy is a proud dad, and now he’s also a proud granddad.

Eddie has ten kids with five different women, and he enjoys spending time with all of them. With his ex-girlfriend, Paulette McNeely, he had his first child, Eric Murphy.

His next five kids, Bria, Myles, Shayne, Zola, and Bella, were all born while he was still married to Nicole Mitchell. From 1993 to 2006, they were married.

Christian, his second child, was born to him and his ex-girlfriend, Tamara Hood. Melanie Brown, a former Spice Girl also known as Mel B or Scary Spice, gave birth to Angel, Murphy’s son. The actor and his current girlfriend, Paige Butcher, have two sons together. Their names are Izzy and Max.

In 2019, five months after his youngest son was born, he had his first grandchild. The actor said he didn’t want to be called “grandpa” but “dad.” “I love being a dad,” he said.

He also talked about how he felt about each of his kids and said that none of them had a bad outlook on life or a bad attitude.

He said, “My kids are very cool, normal people, and none of them are dumb Hollywood kids.”

Murphy said that of all the roles he’s played in Hollywood over the course of his long career, being a father and grandfather is by far the one he’s enjoyed the most.

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