This is how Taylor Momsen well-known for her role in «Gossip Girl» looks and lives now․․․

After all these years, here is the actress who played Blair Waldorf in “Gossip Girl.”

People had no clue that the lovely and talented actress Taylor Momsen, who is best known for her part as Jenny Humphrey in the hit television series “Gossip Girl,” would eventually become a successful rock singer and take a completely different approach to her professional life.

It is noteworthy that she made her debut at a young age not long after the release of the Christmas fairy tale “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” at a time when many were worried about what would become of the main character, J. Carrey.

Momsen shot to prominence and received widespread recognition almost immediately after being cast in the popular television series “Gossip Girl.”

At the age of 14, the talented actor played the role of Jenny Humphrey, a teenager who was born into a family that was severely impoverished, brilliantly.

The charming actress surprised her audience by announcing that she was going to call it quits in the acting business and pursue a career in music, which is much more dear to her heart.

Her fans found her announcement to be quite surprising.

In addition to this, Momsen established her own band, titled “The Pretty Reckless,” in the year 2009.

She is pursuing her musical career by playing in the band at the moment, and occasionally she will surprise and please her admirers by making an appearance at social gatherings.

Recently, the celebrity, who is 29 years old, made an appearance at the pre-Grammy celebration that was hosted by BMG and held in West Hollywood.

When the gifted artist was photographed posing in a glam rock style wearing a black little dress, a leather jacket, and boots, many people remarked that her sense of style has not altered in the slightest. Her fixation on creating smoky eye looks is still very much present.

Are you familiar with the work of this well-known rock star? Do you believe she has changed since you last saw her?

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