Cher started to cry as Adam Lambert serenaded her with «Believe,» one of her songs… Find video attached!

Watch the video below…

This performance suggests that Adam Lambert’s already successful career is about to take off to new heights.

The eighth season of the popular reality competition show “American Idol” had Lambert as a contestant, and she finished in second place.

His first studio album, titled “For Your Amusement,” was an enormous commercial success.

People began to recognize Lambert’s potential after he achieved success with the song “Whataya want from me,” which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

They came to appreciate his points of view, his sense of style, and his musical preferences.

Nonetheless, Lambert’s popularity increased as a direct result of Queen’s tour of six different venues that same year.

As a direct consequence of this, a brand-new narrative was brought to the attention of a great number of individuals. After reading all of the glowing reviews and fan letters that were written about Lambert, the band came to the conclusion that they should extend an open invitation to him to become a permanent member of the group.

He received praise from the band’s founding guitarist, Brian May, who remarked that he enjoyed listening to the singer’s voice.

May draws parallels between the instances in which he witnessed Mercury hone his abilities and the instances in which he witnessed Lambert develop his voice.

It was the greatest praise anyone had ever paid him in his entire life.

Cher, who herself was among those who were impressed and astounded by Lambert’s remarkable performance of her song “Believe,” which is one of Cher’s most well-known tracks, was among those who witnessed the performance.

Watch the incredible video up above to see how people praised his ability to precisely imitate the voice and all of the feelings of the song, even if it wasn’t his own. They praised his ability to perfectly reproduce the voice and all of the feelings of the song.

Watch the video…

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