Jennifer Lopez Discloses the SECRET to Keeping Skin Young at 53… Just see how simple it is…

If you are a fan of Jennifer Lopez, you surely have wondered how the actress manages to keep her youthful appearance for as long as she has.

She may be 53 years old, but she looks much younger than her years would indicate.

Have we mentioned how perfect her skin was for several days in a row? It is accurate to say that she is a stunning mother who serves as motivation to a large number of ladies who believe that age is nothing more than a number.

A controversial discussion on the topic was sparked on the internet after a mother admitted that she physically corrects her children when they disobey her.

TikTok was the medium of choice for Brittney Coble to demonstrate the fact that she is a mother of five children, ranging in age from two to ten years old.

Yet, because many other parents disagree with the manner that she raises her children, she has been the subject of debate on several social media platforms.

«I’ve noticed a trend on TikTok where mothers are discussing activities they engage in with their children that the majority of parents wouldn’t approve of, and given that the majority of TikTok mothers already despise me, I don’t see why they should like me any better now that they’re talking about activities they do with their kids that most parents wouldn’t approve of, »

I came to the conclusion, “Why not?” “One, as you may have guessed, is that I whop my children,” the woman who was a mother to five children elaborated.

I usually give them a verbal warning; I don’t always anticipate that they will pay attention the first time I ask, but if I have to ask two or three times and I’ve already stated what you need to do and you’re just openly ignoring me, you’re going to have your a** whipped.

I usually give them a verbal warning; I don’t always anticipate that they will pay attention the first time I ask; I don’t always anticipate that they will pay attention the first It is the straightforward reality of the situation.

In addition, Brittney noted the fact that she delegates responsibilities to each of her children. “I give the two and four-year-old very small responsibilities […] and I kind of just redirect them if they get a little lost,” the mother said. “The two and four-year-old get a bit sidetracked.”

My older kids, however, have big kid duties. They help out by doing things like cleaning the toilet, taking out the trash, and washing the dishes.

Without a doubt, I bring up my girls to be girls and my boys to be boys. This is something I do without hesitation.

A number of parents have voiced their disapproval of her approach to parenting, with one of them demanding that she refrain from hitting her children.

Someone else expressed their viewpoint by saying, “Child maltreatment teaches kids dread, not respect.” A third person had the following response: “So you don’t know how to teach your children appropriately and put knowledge in them without using force. great.”

Another participant in the conversation weighed in, saying, “There are ways to earn respect from other people without hurting them.”

Others backed her up, and one of them exclaimed something along the lines of “OMG, finally a parent who actually parents.” Someone another remarked, “Yass queen!” in their post.

I am the proud parent of three children: a girl who is one and a half years old, a boy who is three and a half years old, and a baby who is six months old.

“When the baby learns to walk, she will have jobs to complete, just like the elder two do,” What are your thoughts on the current predicament?

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