He was 80 and she was 29. After 5 years of marriage, just see how does this unique couple live…

In order to start a business with an older person, she gave up her youth and the friendships she had with other people from her generation.

Nonetheless, many people do not understand why the student chose to marry an elderly man who was 80 years old. We talk about this peculiar couple and the way their family life has unfolded.

Terzel did not meet her future husband until she attended an event in Cape Town in 2016 that was arranged by a regional newspaper.

Journalist work was being done by the woman who was 28 years old at the time. Even before the start of the ceremony, the elderly man had detected her being there.

Terzel was alone herself when he believed she was, and as a result, he rushed to find her.

After having that conversation, the couple decided to stop their breakup. They had briefly exchanged phone numbers before arranging to meet the following day in a restaurant.

The first serious partnership that Terzel entered into was with Wilson. Wilson, on the other hand, was already married but had recently lost his spouse.

Nelly, his longtime girlfriend, lost her battle with cancer in 2002.

The man remained true to his late wife during the full 15 years that passed after she passed away, that is, up to the time when he met Terzel.

Although though the groom was 24 years older than his future mother-in-law, Terzel’s mother was more than happy to have him in the family.

Even though she is half their age, Wilson’s girls interact with their father’s chosen one on an equal level.

Despite the fact that she is just half their age. The wedding was not delayed in any way by the couple.

They wed a year to the day after their first encounter with one another. When they got married, the bride was only 29 years old, while her future husband was 80 years old.

The public, on the other hand, did not approve of the union between Terzel and Wilson.

The network began to take the blame for the girl, and the kindest thing that was ever said to her was that she should become a “gold seeker.”

This caused Terzel a great deal of emotional distress. After all, she and Wilson did actually have chemistry and are now romantically involved with one another.

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