The girl repaired her room like a professional designer… Just see how it looks like now…

When British teenager Julie Worley, who was just 14 years old at the time, started peeling the wallpaper off the walls.

After resolving to make the necessary repairs on her own, the child was ultimately successful in producing a one-of-a-kind and aesthetically pleasing wall design.

The only things the young lady required to finish her project were some paint cans, a spatula, and some tape.

Julie took notes over the two days it took her to come up with a new design and then recorded the entire process.

After the wallpaper was removed, the wall was covered with a variety of geometric forms, and the only thing that was required to make them appear even and tidy was some adhesive tape.

The young lady’s mother was obviously overjoyed by her daughter’s talent, but she was surprised to learn that her daughter’s suggestion had led to such a successful outcome.

She was so blown away by the job that Julie had done that she went as far as to publish images of it on her Facebook page.

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