This woman got married and had a beautiful wedding… «People can fall in love no matter their age,» she says… You won’t believe when you see how old is she…

Millie Taylor-Morrison, who is 86 years old, is a living testament to the fact that love has no boundaries.

The woman made the decision to play the part of bride despite her advanced age and the fact that she was already married twice. Her boyfriend, Harold Morrison, is a year younger than she is.

The wedding was attended by only the people who held the closest relationships to the bride and groom. The dress that the bride wore, which she had designed by herself, was a big success with everyone who was there.

Milly, the family’s granddaughter, posted pictures that she took at the ceremony to various social media platforms.

She claimed that her grandmother was responsible for her entire wedding look, from the clothes to the makeup to the hair and everything in between.

It makes no difference if she is going to visit her family, the local church, or go shopping; it is irrelevant.

According to her granddaughter, she does not get out of the house very often without having her hair done, putting on some makeup, and putting on some heels.

Millie developed her excellent taste throughout her time spent working in the fashion industry when she was younger.

The woman had been married to her first husband for forty years, but regrettably, he had recently gone away. She had been single for 24 years when she eventually settled on the idea of remarrying.

Millie has known Harold for the all of her life. They were close friends who were there for one another whenever things got tough.

In the 1950s, they met for the first time when they were both attending the same church. In 1952, Harold was a guest at Millie’s wedding and was there during the ceremony.

After 40 years of marriage, her first husband passed away, and she and her second husband ran into each other in the funeral chapel.

Following Harold’s diagnosis of his illness, she began accompanying him to church on a weekly basis.

They remained in contact with one another for eight years, and when Harold’s condition deteriorated yet again, Millie urged him to move in with her so that he wouldn’t have to go to a nursing home.

Millie arrived at the idea that they should get married after Harold made a full recovery from his illness.

The wedding of Millie and Harold took place in Verona, New Jersey.

The pair has our best wishes for a long and happy life together.

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