This couple had been together for 64 years… But see what happened to them recently…

Trent Winstead and Dolores began dating not long before Trent was drafted into the army and sent to fight in Korea. Dolores was Trent’s best friend from high school.

He would send her frequent, lengthy letters in which he would express his excitement at hearing from her and how much he missed their conversations.

Dolores couldn’t possibly say no when she had a toothbrush stuck in her mouth.

He had such a strong desire for Dolores to be his wife that he proposed to her while she was brushing her teeth. She accepted his offer.

They had a healthy and happy marriage for 64 years before they both passed away on the same day.

They couldn’t be more different from one another; Dolores liked to stay in and cook in the kitchen by herself.

On the other hand, Trent was always on the go, brimming with ideas, and he regularly spent his free time outside, either golfing or fishing. Although he worked in the factory, she was a teacher of literature.

After both members of the couple had reached retirement age, their evenings were typically spent together at home, where they would watch the evening news and go to church on Sundays.

He would call her “Mom” or call her by Eileen’s middle name, surprise her with kisses, and take her dancing on the weekends.

They were completely smitten with one another, and their love for one another grew stronger by the day. It seemed uncomplicated while simultaneously possessing a very endearing quality.

Instead of going to the doctor when he became sick, Trent was the kind of person who preferred to take care of himself at home.

Nevertheless, this time he fell ill to the point where his daughter was able to persuade him to check himself into a hospital.

It was then that it was determined Trent’s kidneys required emergency dialysis, which significantly weakened his heart.

Although the children made an effort to protect Dolores from foreboding prophecies, she was already able to perceive that her husband’s condition was deteriorating despite their best efforts.

Dolores would frequently stay by her husband’s side and would even sleep in the intensive care unit of the hospital when he was there.

One night, she was so preoccupied with her concerns for Trent that she began to feel nauseous and then began throwing up.

In spite of this, she resolutely rejected getting a divorce from her partner. After that, she fell asleep while still clinging to his hand.

Because she had done this a number of times in the past, no one was suspicious of her behavior; the alarm was only raised when her daughter unsuccessfully sought to rouse up her mother.

It was incomprehensible to the medical professionals how it could have transpired so suddenly and devoid of any prerequisite prerequisites.

It was relayed to Trent that there had been a disaster, but the youngsters attempted to disabuse him of this notion.

The nurse helped him to sit down in the wheelchair, and then she wheeled him over to his wife.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that her brain had stopped transmitting impulses, she continued to breathe. “Wake up, Eileen,” Trent screamed through his sobs as he shook the hand of his weeping wife.

During that particular night, Trent was only able to receive one hour of sleep. Upon coming to, he immediately questioned whether or not his mother was still breathing.

The response from her daughter was, “Yeah, Daddy, breathe.”

The medical personnel at the hospital made the decision to place two patients in the same room despite the fact that doing so was against all of the facility’s protocols.

This was done since they could see that both of the patients’ conditions were deteriorating rapidly.

They were both resting down next to one another and holding hands when Dolores suddenly stopped breathing.

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