This girl is the youngest student in the world… You won’t believe it when you see how old is she…

A student at Harvard University who wanted to earn a master’s degree in mathematics education had to start the program when they were 100 years old and stay there until they turned 18.

In the history of Mexico, Dafne Almazán holds the record for being the youngest person to ever earn a degree in psychology from the Monterrey Technological and Higher Education System. She did it at the age of 13.

Her story is especially intriguing due to the fact that even when she was a young child, people had seen that she was distinctive.

She had finished all of her elementary, middle, and high school coursework by the time she turned ten, so her education was complete.

After finishing her undergraduate degree, she decided to further her education by obtaining two professional certificates from Harvard University.

The first of these was in substantial learning strategies, and the second was in differentiated education.

The same educational establishment granted her permission to pursue a master’s degree in mathematics in February of 2017.

Dafne noted in the formal act that the reason she was taking this master’s degree was so that she could apply everything that she had learnt to make the world a better place.

She went on to say that brilliant children tend to be hyperactive and that encouraging them to participate in musical activities is a wonderful way to channel their energy and create children who are more well-rounded.

In reference to her first release as a singer and songwriter, she was quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t be startled to see six-year-olds composing like Mozart.”

She is a young woman who has been honored with a number of honors, such as the National Psychology Award in 2016, the Mujer Tec Award in 2018, and the Mexico City Youth Award in 2018.

She was also included on Forbes’ list of the 50 most prominent women in Mexico. Mexico.

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