This baby was born without a nose and here is what she looks like after 9 years… She is so beautiful…

At the preliminary examination, Tessa’s parents found out that they had given birth to an extraordinary child.

Aplasia is an incredibly uncommon and ultimately fatal ailment, and the couple’s future daughter was diagnosed with it by the doctors.

It is customary in situations of this nature, the medical professionals advised that the pregnancy be ended so as to avoid any potential health risks.

But, the girl’s parents were adamantly opposed to the idea. Even though it was already known that he would be born with a complex anomaly, they were unable to even fathom in their imaginations that it was possible to get rid of their own child.

This was the case despite the fact that it was previously known that he would be born with the anomaly.

Tessa’s arrival into the world brought unimaginable delight to her mother and father. The newborn was desired and will be adored.

Even the fact that their daughter is unique among children isn’t something that her parents recognise.

Tessa only has typical health problems, thus those are the only things that serve as a reminder of her characteristics.

The young lady suffered from severe vision problems and did not have a nose at all.

Tessa suffered visual loss in one eye as a consequence of the medical procedure that was performed to remove a cataract. Also, the young lady has heart problems.

Even though the problems are not now presenting themselves in any way, the parents are continuing to pay increased attention to their daughter because they cannot predict when the problems will begin to emerge.

Tessa is presently having a tracheostomy procedure performed on her by the doctors. She is now able to breathe regularly at the times that she eats and sleeps, just like everyone else.

Yet, the girl will need other procedures after this one is finished. In order for Tessa to lead a normal life without putting her health in jeopardy, she will need to have a prosthetic nose inserted when she is a teenager. The future is right here and now.

And at this very moment, Tessa’s parents are doing everything in their power to make her feel as though she is a typical young child.

The child is maturing normally, and she takes pleasure in a variety of activities, including reading, sketching, playing, and having fun.

Tessa’s age, in years, is currently nine. The girl’s life is not particularly unique from that of other children, and her parents are always there for her when she needs them.

The presence of a child with special needs does not upset a married couple in the least. If the newborn were merely content, the caregivers would be happy to put in as much effort and time into the treatment as is required.

As Tessa spreads her boundless supply of positive energy to everyone around her, she begins to exude a more joyful, agreeable, gregarious, and buoyant demeanor.

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