There is a noticeable weight increase on Julia Roberts. See her now…

54-year-old It would appear that Julia Roberts is completely oblivious to the aging process. The concept of beauty has not progressed in the past twenty years.

Recently, a snapshot was taken of Julia when she was on vacation. She was spotted having a good time at the beach with her family while wearing a lovely blue bikini.

Recent pictures of the actress provide credence to Roberts’ assertion that she has not aged at all.

However, there were users of the internet who did not like the image of the actress because they believed that she could look better at the age of 54.

The remarkable beauty that Julia possesses continues to awe those who are in awe of her work. Online users have remarked that Julia is breathtaking at any age.

Is it just me, or does she seem absolutely stunning? Please don’t hesitate to share your opinions with us in the comments area!

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