This couple has become husband and wife and after three minutes, the wife requested a divorce… The reason is surprising…

Many people consider their wedding day to be the most important day of their lives since it is the day they married the person they love the most and who loves them the most in return.

After the couple has decided to get married, they each make the other a solemn oath that they will never leave each other, come what may in wealth or ill health.

They have a conventional ceremony in which both of their relatives and friends are there to hear “if I want,” and the day is made into a special occasion due to the fact that they want to begin a family and continue to be happy for the rest of their lives.

There is no getting around the undeniable reality that weddings, for both the couple getting married and the people attending, are always loaded with unforgettable moments.

This marriage signaled the end of a partnership rather than the beginning of a new family, one whose goals did not include achieving tranquility and enjoying one another’s company.

The wedding that took place in Kuwait was the shortest one that had ever taken place due to the fact that the bride filed for divorce just three minutes after the ceremony, and the bride’s friend’s husband began laughing at her as they were leaving the wedding.

After a brief period of time, the new bride approached her husband with the intention of filing for divorce.

Many on the internet have voiced their support for the bride and lauded her decision to establish some ground rules before getting married to ensure that her partner will always respect her.

The ceremony to wed the couple was merely three minutes long.

The officiants of the couple’s marriage as well as the guests who were present were witnesses to the fact that the ceremony was over in a matter of three minutes using this method.

There is no question in anyone’s mind that this is an extremely unusual occurrence.

It’s unlikely that many couples have changed their marital status in the first ten minutes after being hitched, but it has happened.

Despite the fact that this is a case that has surely startled millions of people all around the world, the identities of the couple that can be seen in the video have not been revealed.

In your judgment, what did the other woman say in reaction to that? Do you believe that to be an appropriate amount? How would you behave if you were in his shoes?

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