The father of four daughters provided a realistic depiction of family life…

Both Simon Hooper and his wife Clemmie were 24 years old when they had their first set of twins together.

This was Clemmie’s first pregnancy after they had been married for ten years.

In his social media profile, the man stated that he was in fact still a child and that he had no prior experience in the role of a parent.

On the other hand, the passage of time has arranged everything in its present state.

At the moment, Simon is a father to four daughters.

During the course of his life, he has developed the skills necessary to accomplish anything, including making porridge, braiding pigtails, calming down children who are having temper tantrums, and living with four girls at the same time.

But, we are not perfect, and we are all aware of this fact.

Evidently, Simon is not like other people who make a concerted effort to conceal their genuine emotions on their personal websites by publishing only the most upbeat and positive pictures from happy family photo shoots, sad occasions, and wonderful parties.

At one point in time, a man who was a parent to a large number of children became famous online by just posting original photographs on his blog.

If the daughters are acting hysterical, he makes it perfectly plain.

The day is not going as planned; everyone is yelling, the house is a mess, and everyone’s nerves are stressed to the point where they could snap.

Take a look at the photo, subscribers. As a direct consequence of this, Hooper has won the admiration of the people who support him.

They couldn’t help but respect his bravery, candor, and resolve to portray his life as it actually was. They couldn’t help but admire his guts.

Those with children shook their heads in understanding, those without children chose to put off this endeavor for a while, and some people just chuckled at the funny but slightly disturbing footage that was shown.

For example, Simon does the majority of his shopping in this manner. The kids are clinging to their dad and pulling at his hair as they try to get his attention.

Even when the stroller is partially laden with his children and partially filled with groceries, he must continue to push the cart in front of him even though he is required to do so.

Despite this, it is easy to see that Dad is smiling somewhere on his face.

And this is how a stroll with the family might occasionally go.

Upon looking at the picture, it is obvious that the mother of many children was not in the least bit angry and did not yell at her daughter when the latter made the decision to lie down in the middle of the street. She did not hesitate to enter.

This picture shows how the females were apprehended in the act of committing the crime. So exactly what did they do that was wrong?

Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with sunscreen—lather it on? It’s not a big deal because it’s only a very small amount and it was put in the wrong location.

And this is where the man has been struggling for the past hour to put his two younger daughters to sleep. But, it was all for nothing.

Still, the children are not getting any rest at all. They have no choice but to participate in the impromptu acrobatics lesson that has been scheduled for them to attend.

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