Despite Being 55 Years Apart, Two Sisters Remained Unaware Of One Another’s Existence And The Circumstances Behind Their Childhood Separation… See Them Before And After…

Both Mary McLaughlin, who is 55 years old, and Diana Ward, who is 58 years old, are half-sisters.

They were separated when they were young due to the fact that their mother had breast cancer and went away, despite the fact that they were born to the same mother.

Both of the women did not know about one another for the better part of their life because the daughters were brought up in separate houses.

Although though they had spent their entire childhoods living in the same neighborhood, their parents eventually moved their families apart.

It’s possible that the sisters were acquainted with one another when they were younger.

Following her marriage, Diana settled down in the United Kingdom, while Mary started her own family in the state of Arkansas.

Everything became clear when the older sister gave herself a present for Christmas and successfully completed a DNA test that determined whether or not she had any relatives among those whose data was kept in a particular database.

The test determined whether or not she had any relatives among those who had their data kept in the database.

The operation took several months to complete and cost fifty dollars.

When the findings were made public, Diana learned that she had a second cousin, and she subsequently made contact with her online.

After then, a distant relative asserted that they had a half-sister.

Diana found the contact information for the alleged sister, wrote to her, and then the two of them had a conversation over the phone via a video link.

Ladies started calling on a daily basis. After continuing her journey for another 5,000 kilometers, Diana eventually made it to the United States to visit her sister.

They were overjoyed with their first time meeting one another.

Due to the fact that both of them were out of breath at the time, the sisters referred to this moment as love at first sight.

The similarities between Diana and Mary’s mother and other family members were immediately apparent to Mary.

The one thing that broke the hearts of the sisters was the realization that their mother would not be there to share in this joyous occasion.

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