Everybody assumed this young boy was joking when he went to sit at the piano, but they were all startled when he began to play…

A young child of five years old walked into a quaint theater and took a seat at the keyboard. When the infant appeared, the crowd let out an audible gasp.

But, the young musician courageously removed the lid and began playing Mozart’s most difficult composition without a hitch.

As soon as the first chords were played, a significant number of people in the audience started murmuring. They had some familiarity with the Piano Sonata No.

The initial section of a piece, written in the key of C major. This song is difficult to play, even for a musician with a lot of experience. It is quite remarkable that a child have such a gift.

In a similar vein, contemplate the dimensions of his hands.

Others made comments about Albert’s performance, saying things like, “After all, the piano is significantly more difficult for him to play than it is for an adult.”

The video of the boy’s performance quickly became extremely popular on the internet. Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani’s family included pianists and musicians, thus he was exposed to music at a young age.

As a result, the general public was familiar with his name.

Since he was just three years old, he already had the ability to accomplish it. Alberto has a crystal clear picture in his head of what lies ahead for him in the future.

The majority of a five-year-life old’s savings will be spent on music during their lifetime.

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