Tom Jones impresses his audience with an astonishing performance of «It’s Not Unusual!» Click to watch the video…

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The living icon Sir Tom Jones is consistently at the center of contentious debates. The popularity of the 78-year-old judge on “The Voice UK” was beyond his ability to keep up with.

As soon as he walked into the room, people started asking for his song “It’s Not Unusual,” which was released in 1965.

Ollie only needed to give the performance one push in the right direction for them to begin their act.

Tom Jones begins his rendition of his famous song in the most unassuming manner possible, but as he gets a feel for the song, he progressively picks up the pace.

Within the first few notes of the song, Tom is pumped up and singing with the same intensity, passion, and contagious swagger that made him famous in the 1960s.

Jennifer Hudson was already star-struck a little over a minute into the performance!

With a performance that is not particularly exceptional for him, Sir Tom Jones demonstrates that he is still at the top of his game in every manner.

The Welsh singer’s act comes on impromptu after participating on The Voice as a guest judge; however, “It’s Not Unusual” is sung with the same youthful vigor displayed by him in his younger years.

This is despite the fact that the act comes on after the Welsh singer has already participated on The Voice as a guest judge.

Here is the video:

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