It has finally been disclosed why George Clooney paid $1 million to each of his 14 close mates…

The mystery surrounding why George Clooney gave one million dollars to each of his 14 closest pals has now been solved.

Rande Gerber, who was a close friend of George Clooney and a former partner of his, stated that the famed actor had allegedly presented a monetary gift of one million dollars to each of his 14 closest friends in the past.

Clooney was aware of this piece of information, and he discussed the inspiration behind the humanitarian contribution he had made in the past.

He counted himself extremely fortunate to have had such committed friends at such an early age since, despite the fact that he was still single at the age of 35, his friends had been there for him 24/7 and in a variety of different ways for the past 35 years.

“They have been there for me anytime I’ve needed assistance throughout the years.” In addition to that, I have been of assistance to them over the years. We are a group of pals who stick together very closely.

Then I came to the realization that none of this would be possible for me if they weren’t there. I made the decision to carry out my plan in the tragic event that I should pass away.

The actor had leased a car and drove to the site in Los Angeles where the “huge pallets” of cash with a total value of $14 million were housed.

Clooney, with the assistance of his bodyguards, placed the cash in fourteen distinct Tumi bags before hosting a dinner party at his mansion for some of his closest friends.

I did this by displaying a map on which I had written, “And I simply pointed to all the places I got to travel to in the world and all of the things I’ve gotten to experience because of them.”

And this is what Gerber had to say about it: “George begins his presentation by stating, “I am incredibly privileged to have each and every one of you in my life.” During my time in Los Angeles, I made myself at home on your sofa.

Because of each and every one of you, I am in the position that I am in right now, so it was incredibly essential to me to be able to give something back while we are all here together.

Without you, I would not be where I am today. I must therefore demand that each of you open your own baggage.

He went on to say, “One of my friends was working hard to support his family in Texas, where he was tending bar at the airport.”

Every day, he travels to and from work on his bicycle. These are the individuals that came to George’s aid while he was in a bind, and now George is paying their kindness forward.

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