This Girl Once Weighed 100kg But See Her Now… You Won’t Believe It’s Her…

Joan Joseph struggled mightily in her academic pursuits.

By the age of 7, the child weighed sixty kilograms, and by the time she was thirteen, she had reached her heaviest weight of one hundred.

At school, others made fun of her, and as a result, she had a difficult time getting through each day.

trolls by losing eight stone and transforming into a beautiful queen after consuming five bowls of rice all at once – The Sun

The only things that could bring the girl any peace were her favorite foods and songs. She did not stop eating and thus gained weight.

But, the young woman realized that she needed to lose weight when she was 16 years old and began taking steps to accomplish this goal.

After losing 51 kilograms in only six months, the young woman went on to become a model. Her makeover astounded me! India’s Times

Joan committed herself to a strenuous exercise routine and began a restrictive eating plan. The girl evolved, and the growth she achieved was commensurate with the work she put in.

Soon after, the young lady began taking part in a variety of beauty contests.

In 2016, she was crowned Miss Selangor, and she won the crown. Joana spent her childhood in the state of Selangor, which is located in Malaysia. This would come as a shock to her peers, especially those who had bullied the girl in the past.

In the video that can be found below on Filmymantra, model Joanna Joseph discusses the dramatic weight loss that led to the transformation of her body.

In 2018, Joan earned the position of runner-up at the Miss India competition. Joan’s story helped propel her to the position of becoming one of the most well-known competitors.

An “Ugly Overweight Girl” Who Was Bullied as a Child Grows Up to Become a Beautiful Beauty Queen — Elite Readers

She became a wonderful example to look up to for everyday women who struggled with their weight and wanted to find a healthy way to lose weight.

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