Miraculous Hotel Fire Rescue: 74-Year-Old Grandfather of 16 Bravely Saves Woman From Death. VIDEO

A 74-year-old grandfather named Greg Spike has received widespread praise for his heroic act in rescuing a woman from a devastating hotel fire in Eugene, Oregon. Stacy Barkley, an Illinois native visiting family in the area, owes her life to Spike’s timely presence and quick thinking. On the morning of February 28, 2023, Barkley, who was occupied with a crafting project in her hotel room, suddenly heard a faint alarm and discovered smoke-filled hallways. As she tried to escape, she found herself on the balcony, where she witnessed flames emerging from a nearby room.

Barkley’s husband, Donald, who was already visiting his sister, instructed her to leave the room. However, the fire had grown too intense, causing Barkley to hesitate out of fear of disorientation. She improvised by blocking the door with a towel and eventually found her way back to the balcony. Meanwhile, Greg Spike, who happened to be on his morning jog, noticed smoke billowing from the hotel. While capturing the blaze on his phone, he heard Barkley’s cry for help and wasted no time springing into action to rescue her from the perilous situation.

In a desperate attempt to escape, Barkley dropped her belongings from the balcony and lowered herself over the railing. Recognizing the urgency, Spike encouraged her to jump while positioning himself to break her fall. With courage and trust, Barkley took the leap into Spike’s waiting arms, successfully evading the flames. Remarkably, she remained unharmed during the rescue and was wearing a KN95 mask at the time.

The fire, which originated on the second floor of the hotel by the Willamette River, rapidly spread to the third floor and attic, prompting a swift response from the Eugene Springfield Fire Department. Firefighters arrived at 11:07 a.m., working tirelessly to combat the flames that had engulfed the building. Barkley’s rescue video, shared on social media, garnered attention and admiration for Spike’s heroic actions. During a Zoom interview with a local TV network, Barkley expressed her gratitude for Spike’s selflessness, praising his composure and support. Spike, moved to tears by her gratitude, revealed that Barkley’s concerns for her unborn grandson deeply affected him, motivating him to ensure her safety.

Both Barkley and Spike expressed a strong desire to meet in person when Barkley returned to Eugene for her grandson’s birth. Barkley sent Spike a heartfelt thank-you note accompanied by a bunny cross-stitch design she had created during the fire. In her message, she conveyed her deep appreciation for Spike’s courage and kindness, acknowledging the risks he had taken without hesitation to save her life. Mike Caven, the fire chief, also commended Spike’s bravery, underscoring the significant impact that bystanders can have in emergency situations. Despite the hotel suffering significant damage and a partial roof collapse, the activated fire alarm allowed for the successful evacuation of all occupants without any reported injuries.

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