Sleeping on a Unique Obsession: The Woman Addicted to Eating Mattresses (Watch Video Here)

In 2013, a woman named Jennifer gained notoriety for her extraordinary addiction, which was featured on the popular TLC documentary series “My Strange Addiction.” At the age of 26, Jennifer admitted to a shocking habit: eating mattresses. Over a span of two decades, she consumed a staggering total of eight beds, an act that most people would find bizarre and potentially detrimental to their health.

During the interview for the show, Jennifer nonchalantly revealed that she had stopped eating her own mattress and had moved on to consuming her mother’s, as she had already devoured her own bed. She expressed a peculiar preference for the foam inside the mattresses, opting to enjoy it plain and without any additional condiments or dips.

Jennifer claimed that the only noticeable side effect she experienced was excessive gas. Surprisingly, she mentioned that the foam she consumed would exit her body whole during bowel movements. While she seemed unaffected by her unique dietary choice, the documentary cautioned that eating mattresses could lead to severe health issues such as liver damage, intestinal blockages, and even death.

Jennifer’s family members became increasingly concerned about her strange compulsion. Her mother, Lynn, voiced her worry, stating that Jennifer’s mattress-eating habit had become a cause for alarm. With genuine intentions, Lynn and Jennifer’s brother, Darius, held an intervention in the family living room. Lynn emphasized that her goal was not to attack Jennifer but to express her concern and ensure her well-being.

Recognizing the potential dangers and risks associated with her addiction, Jennifer agreed to seek professional help. She consulted Dr. Robert McMahon, a Gastroenterologist, who was visibly taken aback by the extent of her mattress consumption. Dr. McMahon expressed his concerns, emphasizing that the foam she ingested was indigestible and could cause serious complications, including intestinal perforation and complete bowel obstruction.

In the end, Jennifer expressed fear for her future and vowed to make a change for the better. The documentary later reported that she had significantly reduced her mattress consumption since the filming and was determined to overcome her strange addiction. Jennifer’s story serves as a stark reminder of the complexities of human behavior and the potential lengths individuals may go to satisfy their cravings, even at the expense of their own well-being.

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