Meg Ryan is now 61 years old and she looks completely unrecognizable after getting surgery…

Actress Meg Ryan gained widespread admiration and love from audiences worldwide through her memorable performances in iconic films such as “When Harry Met Sally,” “Kate and Leopold,” and “City of Angels.”

Her angelic beauty and infectious smile resonated deeply with both men and women, eliciting overwhelmingly positive emotions.

However, like many actresses in Hollywood, whose careers are intricately linked to their appearance, Ryan found herself grappling with the inevitability of aging.

Over a span of nearly 15 years, she turned to plastic surgery in an attempt to defy the signs of aging. Unfortunately, the results of these procedures fell short of expectations, leaving her appearance drastically altered and drawing widespread attention.

In 2013, Ryan made a highly anticipated public appearance after undergoing extensive plastic surgery, shocking onlookers with her dramatically changed appearance.

Despite subsequent efforts to rectify the initial procedure’s outcome, her attempts proved futile, perpetuating a cycle of unsuccessful interventions.

Recently, Ryan emerged from her relatively reclusive state to attend a social event in New York, showing her support for her close friend Michael J. Fox at the premiere of his film “Still.”

This marked her first public appearance in six months, likely indicating the duration of her latest surgery’s recovery period.

Unfortunately, the results of this procedure appeared to further exacerbate her altered appearance, drawing continued scrutiny from the public and media alike.

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